• Félix-Antoine Bourbonnais, ing. jr
  • Quebec, Canada
  • Coach and developer, Elapse Technologies
  • Graduated in software engineering, Université Laval
  • M.Sc. student and researcher, Université Laval

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Professional Interests


  • Training and coaching
  • Consulting
  • Applied research


  • Software engineering
  • Quality and best practices (TDD, BDD, tests, refactoring, continuous integration, ...)
  • Software development and design
  • Software architecture
  • Agile processes
  • Free software
  • GNU/Linux and FreeBSD
  • Networking et security



  • Applied research in software engineering
  • Software quality (TDD, BDD, tests, refactoring, continuous integration, ...)
  • Software architecture (AOP/AOSD, SOA, ...)
  • Agile processes (Scrum, XP, ...)
  • Best practices, techniques, patterns and anti-patterns
  • Industrial adoption and technologies transfers (R&D)

Current activities

  • Usage of AOP within an Agile process.
  • Studies on the impacts and relations between AOP and Agile practices (testability, tests support, refactoring, ...)
  • Development and assessment of tools to support the AOP intregration in an Agile context.